Ceremonial White Dove Releases are quickly becoming a popular sight at events across the nation. Lasting Memories by Sharon has had the privilege of providing professional white dove releases in NJ and selected areas of Pennsylvania and New York. These beautiful white doves usher in a sense of peace when released at memorials, and a spirit of joy when released at wedding ceremonies.

These white doves are Homing Pigeons bred for their pure white color and ability to find their way home. When displayed or flown your guests will be captivated by their beauty and remembered as a highlight of your event.

White dove releases are used to remember our fallen heroes or days that have impacted our lives. Lasting Memories has had the honor of participating in the 10th year anniversary of 911 in Ocean City NJ, and in May will participate in the Relay of Life taking place in Deptford NJ, to Celebrate the lives of those who are battling cancer.

If you are in the market for a Dove release call now to reserve our birds for your special occasion. Call us at 908-692-2317, or, if you prefer, email us at DovesForRelease@yahoo.com

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